Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The White Squirrel Music Festival

I know I'm posting these pictures extremely late, but I thought you might like to see them anyway. The White Squirrel Music Festival took place over Memorial weekend and we all had such a blast! There was music, facepainting, box car derby races, water slides, people dressed up as white squirrels ( I tried to get a pic, but my camera had died on me by that point!), and lots of junk food, so much fun!

The bands were fantastic (Bonepony and Brother Brother were my favs)!

These drummers from Davidson River High School were awesome!

We had a booth set up on the street for the kids to make Fairy houses. (The above pic is just one of the kids creative masterpieces!) I'd been collecting mossy twigs, bark, pinecones, acorns, bits of lichen and moss all year in preparation for the festival.

Our historic court house.

This was actually a giant water slide, the kids came off absolutely soaked!

Mmmmmm, cotton candy anyone?

Every year there are box car derby races down court house hill. (love the sock monkey car!)
Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you're ever in Western NC around Memorial Weekend, ya'll should come to Brevard and enjoy this fantastic FREE festival!
Warm wishes,