Thursday, May 27, 2010

The White Squirrel Festival

It's that time of year again, Memorial weekend is upon us and its time for the annual White Squirrel Festival!

This is a 2 day music festival celebrating our towns mascot, the beloved white squirrel, yes they are real and no, they are not albino squirrels!

The festival takes place right on Main Street in beautiful downtown Brevard, NC (the stage is set up practically outside our store front!) and features national and regional musical artists from many different musical genres such as bluegrass, jazz, rock, etc.

This years headliners include Jupiter Coyote; Jeff, Ike and Mike; Bone Pony; Brother Brother (really liked them last year!) and more. You get to see all these fabulous acts and its, wait, get this, FREE!

Main and Broad streets are completely shut down, there will be activities for the kids, street vendors selling their wares, and lots of food (mmmm funnel cake!), not too mention a box car derby down what we lovingly call jailhouse hill. So much fun, I can't wait!